the Brezhonegerien

Brittany is the westernmost region of France.  It is an area of dramatic, rocky coastline, beautiful forests,  fertile farmland, ancient monuments, and rich traditions.  Brittany is also the home of an exceptional people group, the Brezhonegerien, who have held on to their native Breton language, in spite of great opposition.

Breton is the only Celtic language spoken today in Continental Europe.  It is an ancient language brought by British Celts, escaping the Germanic tribes, invading Britain during the 4th-6th centuries A.D.  

There are about 300,000 first-language speakers of Breton, with about 150,000 of them using the language as a daily means of communication.

At present, there is no evangelical church of any denomination among the Brezhonegerien.

The people group would only be .16% Evangelical Christian.

Due to official persecution, Breton speakers have experienced great difficulties simply in using their language and expressing their national identity.  In spite of ongoing opposition, there is now growing popular support and exposure for the language in public use in Brittany. 

Praise God for some dedicated, believing Brezhonegerien, within the Roman Catholic Church in Brittany.  Pray that their faith in Jesus would become infectious.  

Pray for French-speaking Evangelicals in Brittany that they might catch the vision for reaching their Breton-speaking friends and neighbors through their heart language.  

Pray that more Scripture and evangelistic materials would become available in the Breton language.  

Pray for Brezhonegerien, who have embraced rationalistic philosophy, paganism and other “earth” religions, or atheistic political ideologies, which make them very resistant to the Gospel.  Pray that God would break down these barriers in their hearts. 

Pray for those Brezhonegerien, whose Roman Catholic faith is filled with superstition and obligation.  Pray that they come to know the person of Jesus in His grace.  

Pray for the young people among the Brezhonegerien, who often feel that life is futile and meaningless.  Pray that they might find meaning and purpose in life through Christ.  

Pray that God would bring more workers to plant their lives among the Brezhonegerien – workers, who will love the Brezhonegerien enough to learn their rich but difficult language in order to help the Gospel come alive to these resilient and proud people.