the Kernewegeroryon

Cornwall and the Isle of Man may not be the first places that come to mind, when one thinks of the British Isles.  However, both areas are rich with natural beauty, artistic and musical traditions, and history.  Cornwall and the Isle of Man are also home to two extraordinary, if obscure, people groups:  the Kernewegeroryon and Gaelgeyryn Vannin respectively.

Cornish and Manx Gaelic are both Celtic languages, spoken in Cornwall and the Isle of Man today.  Cornish is related to Welsh and Breton, while Manx is related to Irish and Scottish Gaelic. 

Cornish and Manx are the two smallest of the Celtic languages people groups in terms of actual numbers of speakers.  Cornish and Manx both have about 1500-2000 people, who speak each language.

Whereas there are no exclusively Cornish or Manx-speaking churches in these areas, there is growing awareness and interest in developing Christian resources through the media of Manx and Cornish.  There are now occasional services in Manx or Cornish, as well as growing demand for the Bible to be more readily available in these languages. 

However, as with most other parts of the British Isles, Evangelical Christians constitute only a very small percentage of the population of Cornwall or the Isle of Man.  

Praise God for the strong, English-speaking churches in Cornwall and the Isle of Man, who continue to serve the Lord faithfully and desire to share the Gospel with their friends and neighbors.  

Pray that Christian resources would become more readily available in Manx and Cornish.  Pray especially for recent Bible development projects in both languages.  

Pray for English-speaking Churches in Cornwall and the Isle Man.  Pray that they might catch the vision for sharing the Gospel with people whose first or preferred language is Cornish or Manx.  

Pray for young people among the Kernewegeroryon and Gaelgeyryn Vannin.  As with other areas of the British Isles, it is often difficult to communicate the Good News of Jesus to young people. in Cornwall and the Isle of Man  They are often distracted by other pursuits and feel sincerely that Christ really does not have anything to offer them.  Pray that the Person of Jesus would captivate the hearts and minds of young people in Cornwall and the Isle of Man.  

Pray that God would call out workers to serve among the Kernewegeroryon and Gaelgeyryn Vannin.  Pray that these workers would be diligent and willing to do the very hard work of learning the languages and cultures of Cornwall and the Isle of Man, so that the Gospel might be clearly and powerfully communicated to these Celtic people groups.