The Cymry Cymraeg

The name conjures images of mountains, lakes, castles and beautiful coastline, as well as legendary figures such as King Arthur and Merlin.  Wales is also the home of an extraordinary people, the Cymry Cymraeg, who, in spite of oppression, discrimination, and conquest, have held on to their native Welsh language.

Welsh is a Celtic language, unrelated to English.  It is quite ancient, having been the native language of Britain for centuries, even predating the arrival of the Romans.  

There are about 600,000-700,000 speakers of Welsh, with many more having a connection with the language.  There are large areas of Wales, in fact, where 80-90% of the local population would speak Welsh as a first language, and it would be rare to hear English spoken on the streets. 

Though having a great spiritual history with the Great Revivals over the past two-hundred years, today, Evangelical Christians in Wales number only about 1% of the population, and only about 5% would attend any church of any description.  Many members of the existing congregations are quite elderly, and there are few young people.

Though the current situation of Christian faith in Wales may look bleak, we believe that God is still at work among the Cymry Cymraeg and will work among and through these extraordinary people once again

Please, pray for the Cymry Cymraeg in general, for they, as most Western Europeans, have become very materialistic, secular, and cynical regarding Christianity, Pray that God would soften their hearts and make them responsive to the Gospel.

Praise God for the believers, who do exist among the Cymry Cymraeg.  Though small in number and often discouraged, they continue to be faithful to the Lord.  Pray that God would give them spiritual encouragement and fruit to their efforts for the Kingdom.    

Pray for the young people among the Cymry Cymraeg.  Most of them are removed from any kind of Christian influence.  They are seeking meaning and fulfillment in everything, except God.  They are attracted by sex, drugs, and alcohol, and many feel that they have no purpose in life nor future.  Pray that God would show Himself in a mighty way to these young people.  

Pray that God would bring more workers to plant their lives among the Cymry Cymraeg - to learn their language and culture that the Gospel would become a living reality to these extraordinary people once again.